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Faculty Opportunities in Alabama

     Finding program directors and faculty has surfaced as a real challenge for the hospitals.  AMEC responded to this challenge by lending assistance to identify needed personnel with its networking activities and with the development of a “clearing house” strategy.  AMEC stays in contact with the hospitals’ programs, assists with consultants as needed, and shares names of possible faculty or staff with them. Additionally, AMEC

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  • Maintains records/files of vacancies.

  • Recruits candidates at conferences.

  • Maintains contact with former military personnel who might know of prospects for the developing programs.

  • Contacts physicians, faculty, and present program directors who may have faculty positioned to fill these new GME programs.

     If you are interested in any of the developing programs, we encourage you to contact AMEC at or by phone at 251-947-6288.  We will pass on your interest to those hospitals looking for faculty or forward your CV to them. We will be pleased to provide more information about the programs.


     AMEC began its journey in 2005 with a mission to help alleviate the physician shortage in Alabama, especially in the rural and underserved areas of Alabama.  The mission has evolved in phases including students, building core sites, fostering building a college of medicine and presently in assisting Alabama hospitals start new residency programs.

     As early as 2009 there was an awareness that Alabama provided less than 400 PG 1 slots for residency training.  By 2015 there were four medical schools that would be graduating over 550 students seeking residencies every year.  With that residency placement shortage in mind, AMEC proposed a plan to the Alabama Governor that sought funding from the State to assist up to 12 new residency startups.  AMEC was funded three consecutive years for the GME project.

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