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Alabama Residency Information

     In the 2022 NRMP Match there are approximately 450 PG 1 slots available for residents in Alabama.  The four medical schools in Alabama now graduate over 620 physicians each year seeking graduate training.  Our mission is to provide as many slots as possible and thus keep more physicians in Alabama.  In 2017 the Alabama Governor and Legislature recognized the need for more opportunities for residency training in the State and funded AMEC to assist in this effort.  AMEC is providing funding to up to 12 hospitals to develop new residency programs.  In 2022 six new programs are accredited and accepting residents.  Other hospitals are in various phases of development.

     Below is a chart of current programs with the number of PG 1 slots available.  Click here to see hospitals developing new programs with funding provided by AMEC.  We encourage you to consider matching with an Alabama program.

For the complete match data, see the NRMP Program Results 2021 Main Residency Match document.

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